Diamonds are Forever

Posted on 23 January 2024

At Michael Spiers, we pride ourselves on being connoisseurs of timeless elegance, and there's no gemstone that embodies this more than the exquisite diamond. Our passion for diamonds stems from their unparalleled beauty and everlasting appeal. In this blog post, we'll delve into the captivating world of diamonds, exploring various types, cuts, shapes, and colours that contribute to the enchanting allure of our diamond jewellery collection.

Our collection features an array of diamonds, each unique in its own right. From traditional white diamonds to the mesmerising coloured diamonds, our selection caters to diverse tastes. White diamonds, known for their classic brilliance, are meticulously chosen for their clarity and purity. The best colour for a diamond is no colour at all! Other rare diamonds with a pure colour, such as pinks, blues or greens, are also valuable and are known as ‘Fancies’. 

The artistry of a diamond lies in its cut, and at Michael Spiers, precision is paramount. Our master craftsmen employ various cuts to maximise the diamond's brilliance and fire. The classic round brilliant cut remains a timeless favourite, ensuring optimal light reflection and sparkle. For those seeking a more modern aesthetic, our princess and emerald cuts offer a contemporary twist on traditional elegance. The unique marquise and pear-shaped cuts, meanwhile, showcase our commitment to offering diverse choices for every discerning individual.

The shape of a diamond significantly influences its overall appearance. Our collection boasts an extensive range of shapes, allowing our customers to express their individuality. Whether it's the romantic heart shape, the regal oval, or the cushion cut, we curate diamonds in an array of shapes that speak to different personalities and preferences.

What sets us apart at Michael Spiers is our unwavering commitment to expertise. Our team of skilled gemologists and artisans possesses a deep understanding of diamonds, ensuring that each piece in our collection reflects the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality. With decades of experience, we pride ourselves on being trusted guides, helping our customers make informed choices when it comes to selecting the perfect diamond jewellery.

As you explore our collection, you'll find an exquisite array of diamond jewellery that mirrors the sophistication and beauty inherent in each carefully selected gemstone. From dazzling diamond rings to elegant necklaces and earrings, our pieces are crafted to be cherished for a lifetime.

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At Michael Spiers, our love for diamonds goes beyond the stones themselves; it's about creating enduring masterpieces that capture the essence of beauty and individuality. Discover our diamond collection and let these timeless gems become an integral part of your story.




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