Along with prestigious watch houses, we recommend servicing your watch every 3-5 years. This ensures that the oils remain lubricated, the time keeping within tolerance as well as the replacement of all seals to make sure the watch retains its water resistance (where applicable).

Wear and tear is the unavoidable result of any mechanical movement and maintenance serves to control this phenomenon by renewing lubrication as well as replacing worn parts. For example, your movement is protected by a case fitted with gaskets to ensure its water resistance, but under the influence of various external elements, these gaskets progressively deteriorate and therefore they must be periodically replaced.

For watch maintenance we recommend our in-house Master Watchmaker who will keep your valued timepieces in perfect working order. Here below you can find a list of services that we recommend.


A valet concentrates on the aesthetic look of the watch case, bracelet and clasp. During this process there is no intervention of the watch movement. Scratches and scuffs will be removed to get the appearance of a brand new watch - perfect for special occasions. Most watch houses provide a complimentary valet within the service procedure. We offer an in-house valet for a large range of brands, so please get in touch to enquiry about your watch.

Valet Process step by step

- Disassemble the watch case and bracelet.

- Disassemble the case’s movement / dial / hands ensemble.

- Work on each element using an variety of different brushes and abrasive pastes. This step includes felting, polishing and shining.

- The clasp, case, back of the case and metal bracelet are each polished in turn.

- Clean the case and bracelet with ultrasonic waves.

- Reassemble the various elements.

Please consider that a layer of metal is removed during polish, therefore a valet is recommended only 8 times in the lifetime of a yellow gold watch. Also, some scratches that are too deep so might not be removed.

Battery and Re-seal

Every quartz watch will need a new battery at some stage, and the lifespan of a battery depends on a few factors. Some quartz movements are simply more efficient than others, which helps battery life. Usually, if your watch which displays day/date/seconds more power is being drained than if you wore a simple watch with two hands. If your quartz watch has a seconds hand you may get a warning that your battery will need replacing soon – this comes in the form of 5-second jumps on the part of the seconds hand. Sometimes this warning lasts  a week, sometimes a year. 

When you bring in your watch for a batter change and re-seal, we dismantle the case, test the current battery, remove and replace it with a new one. All existing seals are removed and replacement with new ones. The case and bracelet undergo a cleaning process using ultrasonic cleaner to remove all dirt from the seal seatings; this is to ensure that dust and air particles do not make their way into the movement as this can have a damaging affect on the components.

Please make sure not to leave a used battery in your watch; its oxidisation may leak and damage the movement.

Repairs Under Guarantee

For repairs under guarantee, your watch would be sent back to the watch house. We have a strong relationship with all of our brands and endeavour to get your repair resolved and the watch back with you as quickly and as smoothly as possible.