From generation to generation, pearls have been synonymous with classic beauty and elegance.  From mother to daughter, husband to wife, the world’s romance with pearls has been a constant, consuming passion.  Timeless, sensual and sophisticated, pearls radiate a subtle lustre that has been likened to a warm embrace.  Whatever the milestone, celebrating with pearls is the ultimate gift of love.  Since 1893, the quality and allure of Mikimoto cultured pearls have made Mikimoto the pearls of choice.

  • 7.5mm and 7mm Akoya cultured pearls and 0.14ct of diamonds in 18k white gold chain. The pearls can be moved along the chain and will stay in place. 

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  • One necklace, infinite looks. Place the pearls wherever you desire. 11 Akoya cultured pearls (7mm) and clasp with 0.20ct of diamonds, in 18k white gold. The length of the necklace is 48cm.  

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  • Earrings Ak7mm D-0.14ct 18Kwg  

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  • Akoya 6.5mm(6) 18Kwg   

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